Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Scribbilings of my mind

Oh woe is my feelings of despair
Oh woe is the thought of pain
Let my soul so leave my body -
In search of a better place
Let it fly on top of the world
Make me see of what could be


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


the RUPTURE of the norm

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Rupture Team


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

300 Prepare for Glory?

300; Prepare for Glory

You can read more about it here:

I saw the posters for 300 sometime back and i was thinking to myself, "Oh yay another Troy/Alexander/Gladiator sort of film". I did not even bother about watching it till i heard almost every single person who watched it tell me that "It was great!" and "i've watched it 3 times and i will watch it again!". And so being the nosy sort of person that i am, i watched it yesterday with my good friend Rajes.

Thinking about the movie now, i only remember HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT bodied men. But i shall not be sooooo shallow *chuckles*.

Fav quote:
Spartan King Leonidas: Remember this day, men, for it will be yours for all time.
: This is where we fight! This is where they die!
: A new age has come, an age of freedom. And all will know that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it.
: We Spartans have descended from Hercules himself. Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death in the battlefield is the greatest glory he could achieve in his life. Spartans: the finest soldiers the world has ever known
Queen Goro: Spartan! Come back with your shield or on it.

Queen Goro's speech to the council was moving and good. However, it reminded me of the speeches Brutus and Anthony made after Caesar was killed on the ides of march, during his funeral. Chest thumping speech of how Sparta should help their king in the war he was fighting with only 300 of his finest.

This movie is a graphic representation of a comic book based somewhat loosely on Frank Miller's 1998 comic book mini-series. I have not read the series yet but since this is a movie re-make of a comic book, i give it 4 and a half stars.

Great acting by Lena Headly as Queen Goro. She showed the power of women in a world run by men. The gaze points in this movie were equal for men and women. Male viewers would have enjoyed the nudity scenes of the Oracle Girl and the sex scene with Queen Goro and King Leonidas. Women would have melted by looking at all the hot bodies and bulging 'underwear' of every single Spartan.

As anyone would have noticed, 300, is a one-sided approach to the Battle of Thermopylae, as told by a Spartan who lived the battle and spread the story. It is the classic story of the underdog who battled the superpowers of their time and died an alma mater's death. It showed that even though King Leonidas and his 300 men died, they spurred and inspired the soldiers of the next battle against the Persians. Other Greeks were portrayed as weak and worse off than the Spartans. Persians were portrayed as cocky and egoistical. Asians who fought for the Persians were wierd looking i have to say! I turned around to my friend and said "Asians Rock!, cos we look so grossly wierd. With all the piercings and 'Immortal Men'...COOL!!". And yes i did get the Why-the-f**k-are-you-talking-during-the-movie stares from the guys sitting next to me. What made me wonder was that EVERYONE spoke English and their English all sounded the same, i.e. similar accents of the Spartans, Persians and Chinese! LOL!!

Its a good representation of the comic book, even though the representation of the different groups were emphasized.

I give it 4 and a half HotDogs!!

Watch it if u can!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

18/jan/07 back after a long long time. I've started to see blogs not just as a place where people can whine and bitch about their lives but as also as a place where important information can be passed around. I know, i know this is all a later realization. COM 125: Introduction to the Internet, is a great subject to study. Its only the first week back in SIM, but i can foresee the future to be quite interesting.

Mr Kevin Lim gave me loads to think about. BUT before i continue, i would still like to say this. I seriously think that people who constantly read other people's blogs has no life of their own. I post what i feel and believe, i read the comments and thats about it. I can't be bothered to read other people's blog let alone my friends. UNLESS its a political, technological ect blog. Not about someone's life. Ive got my own problems to worry about. I do not need to know nor do i have the patience to read.

Blogs...or web logs like everything else started for simpler reasons...and now look at it? More than 26 fucking million blogs in the world. I would think about 26 million people are whining and bitching about their lives. Like it. But ok looking at the other side of the coin, blogs are useful to pass information. Yes it can also can be a marketing tool and the list goes on and on.

I rebonded my hair last thus. Its a GOOD change. I feel better, new and happier with this new hair which does not end up looking like a lion's mane. But it got me thinking. I now look like every other chinese woman. I look the same. I have blended with the majority. I have become them. I know its a bit extreme to say that just coz i rebonded my hair, i have become them. But look at it this way, i have conformed to the norms of the society. I have become just another person. With my original hair, i stood out. I was different. I had an identity; 'the one with the messy hair'. Its not much of an identity but its the thing that i was someone. When i look around and see everyone with the same type of hair and then look myself in the mirror, i see no difference btw them and me. It is nice and all to have hair that does not need much tending. But it comes at a cost of losing one's self identity, of conforming to the masses, of becoming one of them.

*person who lost identity*

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Our image?

What is it that we want our tourists go home with? Other than the souveniers they can buy? what kind of experience do we want them to well.........experience? that is THE question that Singapore has been tryin to answer for some time. We ourselves cannot find the one thing that we want visitors to experience...i am from the tourism industry and yet i question...Being a Singaporean it is easy for us to say that Singapore is boring....but are we? Many of the tour guides i have spoken too said that "Singapore is not boring....YOU are!!"...and it is true. How can we the citizens of Singapore sell our country if we can't sell it to ourselves? Singapore has many things to do and places we can go. But how much of it has changed since 5 yrs ago? Many of the attractions start big but die off within 2 to 10 yrs coz 'its too boring'. How many attractions can be named? Fantasy Island, Haw Par Villa and right now Wild Wild Wet. These attractions can be and could have pulled in many visitors, both local and foreign.
Look at Dubai and Hong Kong, they keep re-inventing themselves. With new rides, new attractions, MODIFYED attractions, new slogans and many more. How many time have we seen Fantasy Island modifyed with new rides and new attractions? Look at Disney Land all over the world...they build new rides and add in many things as the years pass. So visitors can look forward to something new every time they go there. Why can't Singapore (since we do have so many good models to copy) do the same? We start OH SO BIG and within a few years it goes down the drain! Since there have been so many so-called 'faliures' why and how will the IR survive? Yes, i hope it will coz my future depends on the IR, but is the hype all too much? The casino seemed to me to be the MAIN attraction, and not the parks and rides and entertainment thats gonna be there.
Does this all mean that we bask in our excellence too juch that we seem not to realise the mistakes that we are commiting?
The many old buildings that are being demolished to make way for new and technoligically advanced buildings. Will we lose the lusture of our heritage and who we are? Will more technology and new buildings draw visitors to Singapore? NO! They can get that in their own countries! We need to show our heritage, our past and draw the visitors in. Dangle the carrot that no one else is dangling. Sell what others do not have, what we can call our own. What do we have to call our own?
1)The pre-war shop houses
2)Boat Quay/Clark Quay
3)The old national library (which was demolished brutally!!!)
4)The unknown temples and places of worship
5)OLD OLD houses
the list will go on....(no time now to continue thinking!) but you get my point!! There are many more things to sell in Singapore, other than the Merlion, Sentosa, food,Zoo,Bird Park and Night Safari. We can sell our not-so-made-up-heritage, THE REAL DEAL!!, the night life (which can be improved upon), the true Chinese, Malay and Indian way of life and many many more....
i truly hope that i can make changes to the future of tourism! i mean thats y i studied in TP, Tourism Mgt right? hahaha...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Being Indian and Being who we are

Many people connect being Indian as with being a Hindu. No. Being Indian means that one has a linage to India. It does not mean that one is Hindu. There are Muslim Indians, Christian Indians, Jewish Indians, Parsi Indians, Sikhs and so on and so forth. There are too many religions in India to count. So it is a stereotypical thing to say that being Indian is to be a Hindu. Don't get me wrong. I am an Indian, Hindu. And i strongly believe in my religion. But i also belive that everyone has a right to be what they want and who they want. How can people be so one-track minded when it comes to matters such as religion and race?

Indians are not a superiour particular race is. Hinduism did not start out as a religion. It was a way of life, a set of rules for people to follow so that they can become better people. When there was a following to this way of life it became a religion. A transiton that was inevitable. So many of the traditions and things that are now associated with Hinduism was not long time ago. So Barathanatyam is not or does not have strong religiouis ties. Christians and muslims can learn this dance and still maintain their religion. I've talked to people who've told me that they were not allowd to learn Barathanatym because 'you have to pray to an Indian God before you dance'. That is not praying, sorry as i don not know the exact term for this as i am not a dancer. This is respecting the floor that you are going to dance on.

To me being an Indian means that i have a linage that i can trace back. Means that i belong no matter what the religion or the state. Means that i am someone. But i will accept someone who is 1/2 or 3/4 indians too. Ive got friends who have Chinese mothers or malay fathers.They are part indian too, to me that is. But there are INDIANS who call themsleves Hindustani and maintain that they are not Indians. WHAT? Hindustani means people of the counrty called Hindustan (India). So they are Indians. I asked this girl i know, "What are you? as in which part of north India?" and she said "no im Hindustani." and i said "ok....but which part of north india?" and again she said that she was Hindustani and so i tried to explain to her that Hindustani means that she is Indian and that i knew she was indian. But to her and many others, Hindustani means North Indian. Its a North Indian term but it means Indian. I am Hindustani. I am Indian. And when i said this to her, her face changed as if ive said the most vile thing in the universe.

Indians have a problem of "You are south indian, i am north indian, you are tamil, you are punjabi, you are malayalee....." and this can go on till thy kingdom comes. North Indians and South Indians cannot get along for some wired reason. Indians of different states cannot get along too......WHY? They are all indians. It is sad coz it is the way we have been brought up. We've been taught at a young age that 'other' indians are not the same, but this is changing slowly and this is a good change.

The same must be of Singapore. Yes im Indian and you are chinese or malay or eurasian or any others who i have left out or have mix parentage but we are all Singaporean. There is still a strong division btw the races here in Singapore. It is always thoes Indians or thoes chinese or thoes malays. Our ancestors all came to SIngapore to make a better living. Most of us were brought to Singapore. We were no from here. So we all have a similar hold to this land. And for the media to portray us as different people is misleading. Yes we are different but we are where we are now BECAUSE of our difference. We are united coz we know how we are different. If we continue to highlight our differences from now on, we might not be as peaceful as we are now. The media and the government must now try to emphasise that we are similar underneath it all. We believe in the same thing and so on. And this will be continuned in another post. But this is something that we must all think about. Are we like this coz we are different or that we similar?

Munshi Abdullah

Think about might not be who you think you really are. You might be indian but later find out that you are by decent Jewish. So does that make you Jewish now? or are u still an Indian? I was doing a research on Munshi Abdullah. The company was tryin to Indianise him as he was already absorbed into the Malay society. His mother was South Indian (Tamil) his fater was an Arab. He was born in Melacca and was brought up reading, writing and speaking Tamil, Malay, Arab and Hindi. From Melacca he moved to Penang and then he came to Singapore with Raffles. During this period of time he also went to India, but no one knows when he went, where he went and for how long (if anyone knows pls tell me). When he came to Singapore, he was a translator for the Brits. He translated Malay to the Brits and English to the bumiputras. Malay was his working language. He wrote books in Arab, he translated Indian epics to Malay and he is known as the Father of Malay Literature in Singapore. Yes! He was. It was through him that Malay Literature in Singapore is what it is today. But.....he was not Malay. But im not saying he was Indian either or Arab. He was what we call a multi-culturalised man. He had different linage, so the Indian community can claim him, the Arab community can also claim him, the Malay community can also claim him. Well if you look like that Singapore has the strongest claim of him. Because he wrote down the adnimistrative details, the way of life back then. He recorded Singapore's early history. His contributions to Singapore was great and inumerable. So to ask what he did for the Malay society or what he did for Indian society is secondary. The whole notion of idnetity at that period of time was very pourous. As long as you were part Indian, you were accepted into the Indian community. So to ask right now was he or was he not Indian is not right as the idea of identity then did not have a definitve line.

My mom said, its easy just call him Singaporean. But you can't. This was way before Singapore was formed. This was in the 1800's when the British first found this fishing village. So none of the pioneers of Singapore can be known as Singaporean but as people who came to Singapore to make a living and then contributed to this country. The same can be said of Munshi Abdullah. He was Indian and Arab but he became known as the Father of Malay Literature in Singapore. Does that make him less of an Indian or an Arab or does that make him more of a Malay? You tell me!